9 PM Eye Solution - Xalatan - Latanoprost

9 PM Eye Solution - Xalatan - Latanoprost

Latanoprost Ophthalmic Solution

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9 PM Eye Drop is remarkable as a Latanoprost eye drop. It is an exceptionally powerful eye drop which is useful for your eyes. It cures or treats your eyes from glaucoma and high strain in the eyes. Latanoprost is the principle restorative compound which demonstrates their activity by diminishing the strain of eyes and treat glaucoma.

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This eye drop has a place from the medications introduce in the classification of prostaglandins. This ophthalmic arrangement is suggested for the treatment or administration of the eye issue like glaucoma and visual hypertension. Latanoprost displays activity by expansions the seepage of fluid cleverness fluid in the eye and help to reduction the pressure in the eyeball. By which the eye is cure of the issue like glaucoma and visual hypertension. The Trabecular lattice work channel of eye is dependable to release this liquid in the eyeball hence on the off chance that it is discouraged, than the weight inside eyeball may increment. This eye drop is likewise enhancing the vision of the eyes.

Uses OF The9 PM Eye Drop:

This eye drop is vital for the treatment of visual high weight in the eyes and glaucoma.


In a few conditions this prescription is perilous for the patients, these conditions are specified underneath:

  • Do not utilize this eye drop if the patient is oversensitive with Latanoprost or other component.
  • If a patient is experiencing such diseased issues like kidney disability, anaphylactic response, and hepatic issue.
  • Using this eye drop by the pregnant ladies is likewise denied.


Some different drugs which interact (expand or decline or modify the activity of this eye drop) with the 9 PM eye drop, the list of these pharmaceuticals is specified underneath: Bimatoprost, Aspirin and Ibuprofen.

Storage ENVIRONMENT OF the 9 PM Eye Drop:

This medication ought to be put away at 20 to 30̊C or controlled room temperature and shield from hotness and dampness. Keep this eye drop in a protected and dry place.

Recommended AMOUNT OF The9 PM Eye Drop:

The recommended dose measurement of this eye drop in grown-up patients is utilized stand out drop as a part of the influenced eye one time in a day. It demonstrates its more activity amid the night time. In the wake of utilizing it hard close the top. Shield it from pollution.

 On account of SKIPPED DOSE:

On the off chance that on the off chance that one dose measurement is skipped, then take after the treatment with the following dose measurement as typical.


Overdose of this eye drop may be perilous to your wellbeing so you ought to dodge overdose of this eye drop. For a situation of overdose you ought to be concerned your specialist quickly.

Unfavorable AFFECTS OF The 9 PM Eye Drop:

Some unfavorable impacts of this eye drop are specified beneath: Unsteadiness, slight eye tension, serious migraine, abnormal visualization, midsection uneasiness, hypersensitive response to light and tingling of the eye.

Precautionary measures OF THIS EYE DROP:

A few shields are specified beneath:

  • This eye drop ought not to prescribe those patients who are experiencing an alternate kind of glaucoma illness like narrow angle glaucoma.
  • This eye drop ought to evade with different medications have a place from prostaglandin simple.
  • Before utilizing this eye drop to remove the lens from eyes and wear after hold up 15 minutes.
  • Before utilizing this eye drop totally cleans your hands.
  • Do not utilize this eye drop in the event that you have a contamination in the eye.
  • Carefully connected to the skin, don't touch the dropper.