Viagra-Cenforce- Sildenafil- 50mg

Viagra-Cenforce- Sildenafil- 50mg

Viagra-Cenforce- Sildenafil- 50mg

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is highly effective pill utilized for the administration of erectile malfunction or issues. Incompetence or the erectile malfunction is the diseased condition in which men are not capable of providing and maintaining an erection good enough for lovemaking. For the treatment of erectile malfunction or weakness is one of the best medicines. This medicine helps the male to procure an erection sufficient for physical intimacy and keep the relationship sound.

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is proposed medicine for erectile malfunction by maintaining the blood flow in the body or the male regenerative organ that permits erection. Erectile malfunction may happen because of physical or mental illness. Physical reasons include hypertension, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, injury in the penis. What's more the mental reasons may be tension, unhappiness, and relationship issues.

The main vital active ingredient of 200mg i.e. Citrate classified in a class of PDE-5 inhibitors which guarantees blood stream to the penis and help in bringing on erection. citrate helps to extend the veins of the male reproductive system by improving the blood stream to the penis and results into a hard-on erection. For the medicine to work legitimately, a man ought to be stimulated to get an erection. In the event that you don't fortify and are not stirred this medicine won't work. This solution will help you get an erection however not to arouse you.


is prescribed for the administration of erectile malfunction in males who are not able to get a sufficient erection for lovemaking. This drug helps them to have satisfactory the physical intimacy.

 Dose of :

The exact dose to be prescribed relies on age, severity of illness and other medicine. The dose measurement differs from 25mg to 100mg. The prescribed dose of 50mg is one tablet every day. You can have this medicine with or without food but avoid oily meal. Take this medicine only 15-20 minutes’ prior to the physical intimacy. The impacts of this medicine keep going for 4 hours.


Never take more than a single dose in 24 hours. If you get overdosed, then promptly contact to your Health care provider. Few symptoms of overdose may be aggravation in breathing, vomit, loss of senses, migraine or spewing.

Missed Dose

Missing a dose of is unrealistic because it is taken only when required. You simply need to take this prescription when you are feeling for the lovemaking. This prescription helps you to get an erection sufficient for the pleasant lovemaking.

Adverse impacts:

There are the undesirable impacts of this prescription which may be serious or not. A portion of the regular antagonistic impacts of the are blockage of nose, cerebral pain, laziness, blazing sensation in heart. Anyhow you may feel side effects like rashes, redness, troublesome breathing, aggravation, swelling of eyes/hands look for prompt medicinal help.


These are the conditions in which a specific prescription is not given. Counsel your health care provider before starting that specific medication. is contraindicated if;

  • You are unfavorably susceptible to reactions of Citrate.
  • You have Medical history of renal issue, leukemia, heart assault, hypotension, ulcers.
  • You are taking different medicines containing nitrates.

 Drug interactions:

When two or more medications are consumed together they interfere with one another and alter the activity of subjected drug. The medications that interact with are;

  • Any different drugs utilized for the cure of erectile malfunction.
  • Nitrates containing drugs like nitroglycerin,
  • Antifungal medications like Ketoconazole, against ulcers medications like Cimetidine, HIV medications like Saquinavir, anti-infection like erythromycin, hostile to hypertensive medications like Amlodipine, Alpha-Blockers like Prazocin, Anti-epileptic medications like Phenytoin.

Safety measures:

  • Avoid liquor consumption while taking this drug treatment.
  • Strictly avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice while having .
  • Do not handle any apparatus and driving in the wake of having this prescription because it may cause smudged vision.
  • This pharmaceutical is not implied for ladies, kids and males beneath 18years of age.
  • This drug does not provide any protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Avoid having this pharmaceutical with oil rich diet as it may take longer time to give its impact.
  • Do not take this pharmaceutical if experiencing Peyronie's disease.


ought to be put away at room temperature. Keep it far from immediate exposure of light.