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Quick Overview

 Kamagra gold is a drug used for the cure of erectile brokenness or fruitlessness in gentlemen. It's a standout amongst the most secure and feasible prescriptions for the male of erectile brokenness. Erectile brokenness or infertility is described as the male issue in which they are not ready to get or hold an erection sufficient for satisfactory lovemaking.

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Product Description

The typical symptoms of erectile brokenness are fragile erection, disappointment to accomplish erection, early release/untimely discharge. The most generally perceived explanations behind erectile brokenness are hypo or hyperthyroidism, hyperprolactinemia, diabetes, manifestations of diverse pharmaceuticals, hypogonadism, debilitation, and nervousness.

 Kamagra gold contains Sildenafil citrate as an element. Sildenafil citrate is a PDE-5 inhibitor i.e. Phosphodiesterase inhibitor. It helps men to secure an erection hard enough for physical closeness. Sildenafil citrate catches up on the PDE-5 inhibitor that exhibits its results for the erectile tissues by enhancing circulation system to the male organ. This enhanced circulation system prompts the erection. It enhances the execution of the penis in the midst of physical intercourse. The erection will vanishes after you element crest. This drug shows best effects just in case you feel energized for lovemaking. In case you don't feel vivified no pharmaceutical will help you in any condition.


 Kamagra gold is demonstrated to the patient having disorder of erectile brokenness or infertility.

 Dosing Schedule:

 The prescribed strength of Kamagra Gold is 100mg tablet. You have to take this tablet 30 minutes before you strive for love making. Bring this Kamagra gold with a glass of water. You can bring this prescription with or without nutrition. In any case don't bring high fat consuming strategy with this medication because it backs off assimilation of the medicine.


 Contraindication is a specific sort of condition in which a particular pharmaceutical or treatment is not fitting in light of the way that sporadically it may cause veritable wellbeing issues to the patients. Kamagra Gold is contraindicated once in a while like

  •  Patient is effectively influenced to Sildenafil citrate or some different fixings of the Kamagra gold.
  • Patients having some different medicines that contain nitrates like Nitroglycerin.
  • Patients encountering renal issue or kidney incapacity, liver issue.
  • Patient has heart issue, sickle cell iron insufficiency, or gastric ulcers.


 Drug interactions are a sort of reactions, when two or more meds consume at the same time. This kind of prescription may increase, reducing or on changes the activity of each other. This reaction between two medicines now and again is harmful. Drug associations showed by Kamagra Gold are:

  •  Antihypertensive meds like Doxazosin,
  • Barbiturates like Phenobarbital.
  • Anti-HIV/AIDS meds like Ritonavir
  • Anti-Hypotensive meds like nitroprusside,
  • Nitrates containing prescription like Nitroglycerin,
  • Antifungal drugs like Ketoconazole,
  • H2 antagonist like Cimetidine,
  • Antibiotics like erythromycin,

Side effects

  •  Responses are described as the undesirable effects of the drugs that eventually may cause veritable health issues.
  • Some of the fundamental manifestations of the Kamagra gold are headache, crammed sensation in heart, wooziness, infection, flushing of face. These effects are concise and can be dismissed.
  • Some of the remarkable side effects of Kamagra Gold are vision issue, listening issue, unsettling impact in heartbeat and a resting issue. These prescriptions oblige helpful help right away.
  • If you feel horrifying erection and proceed for a more drawn out time instantly contact your wellbeing supplier.

Safety measures:

 Precautions to be taken before having this medicine are:

  •  Do not have grapefruit or grapefruit juice with this medicine; it may cause serious health issue to the patient.
  • Avoid having a high fat consuming regimen with this medicine, it dials down drug ingestion,
  • Kamagra gold does not keep from sexually transmitted disease
  • It does not turn away pregnancy.
  • Avoid alcohol use in light of the way that it dials down activity of drug too.

Missed Dose:

 There is zero shot of missing estimations of Kamagra Gold in light of the fact that it is used as needed. You simply need to take this drug when you feel sexually stimulated.


 Overdose of this pharmaceutical may cause veritable health issues. In case you feel signs of overdose right away contact your closest therapeutic help.

 Storage conditions

 Keep this pharmaceutical at room temperature.

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