Korlym | Mifepristone Kit

Korlym | Mifepristone Kit


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Korlym or Mifepristone is powerful pharmaceutical for the safe fetus removal. It is utilized alongside the optional medication Misoprostol. Its mix is known as Abortion kit. This unit is viable under the pregnancy of 9 week or the 63 days. It is protected pill for the end of the pregnancy and can be utilized at home. Korlym can likewise be utilized for the patients of diabetes as it helps to control the glucose level.

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Korlym contains Mifepristone as the fundamental component that is compelling hostile to progesterone that is best for the end of pregnancy with in the 9 weeks. Korlym gets to be viable by turning away the supply of hormone that is obliged to keep up the uterine coating. Because of its restraint uterus get to be unfit to backing the pregnancy and this results into the evacuation of incipient organism. It is most ideal approach to dispose of the undesirable pregnancy. This medication is additionally suitable to control the glucose level.

Dose of Korlym

Korlym is aim for the end of pregnancy in the early period of up to 9 weeks. You need to simply swallow the prescription with water without being pulverized or bit. You can have this pill with void stomach or in the wake of having nourishment however not after the substantial fat containing extensive meal. You need to take this pill just if your pregnancy is affirmed. Vaginal draining and spasms is basic in the wake of having this medication. You ought to have pregnancy test after a week of having this prescription so that end of pregnancy can be affirmed.

Symptoms of Korlym

Korlym has some moderate symptoms like vaginal drying, packs, torment in the head, looseness of the bowels, spinal pain, red spot in the skin, diminishes the opportunities to get pregnant again soon, whit spots on the nails, opportunities to get ectopic pregnancy, sick type of feeling, sporadic heart rate, fever, torment in pelvic region, sickness, retching like feeling, shortcoming, discombobulating, tiredness, back distress.

Precautionary Measures

  • Korlym is not helpful in the event that you have the issue of tubal pregnancy.
  • If you are utilizing an intra-uterine device to preclude pregnancy you ought to uproot it before utilizing Korlym.
  • Korlym is not helpful in the event that the female has an issue identified with adrenal organ.
  • Korlym is not helpful in the event that the ladies are having the steroidal medication from longer time.
  • Korlym is not helpful in the event of the female is having the issue of sporadic drying, or having the anticoagulant medication.
  • Korlym is not helpful in the event that the female is highly receptive to Mifepristone.
  • Korlym is not helpful if the pregnancy is past the 9 weeks.

Drug interactions

  • Drugs for HIV treatment.
  • Drugs for Hepatitis.
  • Drugs that are utilized as anti-infection agents.
  • Drugs utilized for parasite treatment.
  • Drugs that are utilized to treat heart related issues.
  • Drugs that are utilized as hostile to hypertensive medications.
  • Drugs that are utilized for seizures.
  • Drugs that are utilized as Antithyroids.
  • Drugs for transplantation dismissal.
  • Drugs for agony because of headache.


The Korlym ought to be kept at underneath specified conditions;

  • Korlym drug ought to be put away at room temperature 30 ° C.
  • Protect it from light and moistness.
  • Keep it out of extent of children and pets.

In the event of skipped dosing measurements of Korlym

Korlym utilized as a solitary measurement, it doesn't have an ordinary system. Continuously take after all the directions however utilizing Korlym.

In the event of overdose of Korlym

A side effect of overdosing of Korlym is serious vaginal bleeding. If you feel any indications identified with overdosing of Korlym instantly counsel with your physician.