Ovral L

LEVONORGESTREL (LEE-voe-nor-jess-trel) & ETHINYL ESTRADIOL (ETH-in-il ess-tra-DYE-ole)

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Ovral L is the oral measurement structure which is utilized to keep from the pregnancy; this medicine is utilized as conception prevention. This drug is the mix of two solutions Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol. This medication is newfound utilized for the indemnity from pregnancy. This prescription is exceptionally viable in anticonception medication when you skipped other pill of conception prevention or breakage of condoms.

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Ovral L is an exceptionally dynamic medication which contains two drugs Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol. Devour this drug after intercourse. This pharmaceutical is just utilized by the females only. It is a mix of two hormones which are Estrogen and Progestin. It stops the arrival of an egg. It applies its activity by changing the bodily fluid in the uterine and the covering of the uterine. The result is that sperms are not able to achieve an egg. By this the egg are not ready to fruitful and shield the ladies from pregnancy.

 Profits OF THE OVRAL L:

Ovral l is gainful to protect the ladies from unwanted- pregnancy when other prescription is skipped or fall flat or if there should arouse an occurrence of breakage of condoms.


A few safety measures and contraindication of this medication are specified underneath:

  •  If the lady is extremely receptive with any component present in it the no utilization it.
  • If the female is experiencing such issues like kidney or liver harm asthma issue, jaundice, Hypercoagulopathies and Diabetes mellitus, then don't utilize it.
  • It is additionally contraindicated for those ladies who are as of now pregnant.
  • Avoid the utilization of liquor while utilizing this medication.
  • Do not utilize other drug in the wake of taking this medication.


A few medications which are not utilized in the wake of expending this prescription that these medications modify the activity of this medication: Phenytoin, Phenol; Ketoconazole, Itraconazole; Dexamethasone; Erythromycin.


Store this medicine at a room temperature. Place this prescription far from the high temperature, light and dampness. Keep this medication in a dry and clean territory.


In one pack it contains 21 tablets. Devour one tablet consistently at a same time up to 21 days. Following 21 days don't devour it up to 7 days then open an alternate pack and begin taking pharmaceutical.


On account of SKIPPED DOSE:

 In case you omit one medication and time is not more than 12 hours then expend it at the earliest opportunity.

  • But if the time is more than 12 hours, then risks of pregnancy is expanded, then you ought to expend the missed measurement at the earliest opportunity actually expending two tablets in a day.
  • In case two medicines in succession are skipped in one or two weeks of a pack, than one pharmaceutical expend on the day as quickly as time permits and stay two tablets devour following day. Resulting medicine you ought to expend at an ordinary time period. Under seven days when you miss the measurements then you utilized the other system for contraceptives.
  • In case two medicines are skipped in three weeks of the pack, then toss the entire bundle and begin from next pack.


Indications of overdose of Ovral L may incorporate feeling of queasiness, heaving, and vaginal dying. On the off chance that overdoses quickly counsel with your specialist.


Some unfavorable impacts of Ovral L are said beneath:

  • Common unfavorable impacts: Breast tenderness, extreme migraine, menstrual vaginal dying, sporadic menstrual periods, Vomiting, stomach pain, and feeling of wooziness.
  • Serious Antagonistic impacts: genuine menstrual periods, shortcoming, retching, chills, dirt shade stool, staining