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Nexret Cream contains generic Tretinoin. It is an anti-acne preparation. Tretinoin, a form of vitamin A, belongs to the category of retinoids. It heals the existing pimples and promotes quicker healing of pimples that are developing. It also treats acute promyelocytic leukemia (cancer of the white blood cells). It is also beneficial in the treatment of photoaging. It is also used to slow skin aging. It removes skin wrinkles by keeping skin pores clear. It also provides protection against sun rays and gives a clean and glowing skin.
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Product Description of Nexret Cream:

Tretinoin is an active compound of Nexret Cream. It is a form of vitamin A (carboxylic acid form), which belongs to the category of retinoids. Tretinoin works mainly on melanocytes (melanin producing cells) and suppresses the melanin (a pigment responsible for the skin color) production from the melanocytes by binding to the human retinoic acid receptor. It may cause changes in gene expression. As a result of this, functional and structural changes may occur. It also suppresses the removal of damaged (by sun rays) skin cells. It is a beneficial cream in the treatment of wrinkled, thin, yellow skin characteristic of photoaging.

Uses of Nexret Cream:

It is used to treat dry scaly surface, wrinkles, acne vulgaris and sagging of loose skin that develop due to excessive exposure to sun. It is used to treat acute promyelocytic leukemia (cancer of the white blood cells). It is also beneficial in the treatment of photoaging.

Drug Interactions for Nexret Cream:

There are some drugs which may interact with Nexret Cream:

  • It may increase the percutaneous absorption of minoxidil.
  • Anti-fibrinolytic drugs may cause fatal thrombotic complications.
  • Azole anti-fungals
  • Sulphur
  • Resorcinol
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid
  • Thiazides
  • Tetracyclines
  • Fluoroquinolones
  • Phenothiazines
  • Sulfonamides
  • Vitamin A supplements

Contraindications for Nexret Cream:

Nexret Cream is not indicated to use in the following conditions:

  • Nexret Cream is not indicated to use in pregnancy.
  • Do not breastfeed if you are using Nexret Cream.
  • Avoid the use of this medicine in children below 12 years of age.
  • Avoid the use of this medicine if you are hypersensitive to retinoids.

Storage of Nexret Cream:

  • Nexret Cream is to be stored at room temperature below 25 degree C.
  • Protect this medicine from heat, moisture and direct light.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.


How to apply Nexret Cream:

You should use the minimum required amount of cream to the affected area as excessive amount on a single spot may cause a dark mark. Start with lowest possible dose of Nexret Cream. As your skin starts tolerating this medicine, then slowly and safely raise the amount according to requirement. You can follow the instructions given below before applying the cream:

  • Wash the affected area with water.
  • Dry it and wait for 10 minutes to apply this cream as this may reduce the burning sensation of this medicine.
  • Apply a thin layer of Nexret Cream to the affected area.
  • Never apply this cream on cuts and wounds.
  • Always use sunscreen when you are out in the sun.

In case you missed any dose of Nexret Cream:

Apply the missed dose of Nexret Cream as soon as you remember. Do not double a dose to make up for the missed dose under any circumstances.

Over Dose of Nexret Cream:

Overdose of Nexret Cream will not cause acute problems. But if it accidentally comes in contact with the eyes, flush the eyes with water immediately. If Nexret Cream is accidentally ingested, immediately induce emesis and gastric lavage.

Side Effects:

Adverse Effects of Nexret Cream:

Some of the commonly seen side effects of Nexret Cream are as follows:

  • Peeling of skin
  • Burning or stinging
  • Lightening of skin
  • Dryness of skin
  • Itching
  • Redness of skin


Precautions for Nexret Cream:

There are some precautionary measures for Nexret Cream:

  • Do not expose to sunlight for a longer period of time.
  • Avoid the use of this medicine in your eyes.
  • Use moisturizing lotion if needed.
  • Avoid using Nexret Cream if you are pregnant.