Efudex Cream

Efudex Cream

Fluorouracil (flore oh YER a sill) topical

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Efudex cream is an antineoplastic drug. The active medication of the drug is fluorouracil. The drug is used in treatment of superficial basal cell carcino, actinic keratosis and works by killing the abnormal cells that cause cancer.

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Topical fluorouracil is a drug that is used to treat skin cancer in which rapid multiplication of cells occurs. Cells produce DNA for each new cell in order to multiply or divide. The DNA is critical, since it is the genetic material that directs the activity of cells. Production of DNA depends on the production of RNA which serves as a messenger during production of DNA. The drug prevents formation of RNA which prevents the formation of DNA. So cells cannot multiply. The remaining cells also die with the continued treatment.

Dosage of efudex:

The cream should be applied twice daily to cover up the lesions. Treatment should be continued for 3 to 6 weeks.

How to use the efudex cream:

  • A nonmetallic applicator or wear rubber gloves are used while applying Efudex.
  • The affected area should be washed gently, rinsed, dried with a towel.The cream is applied to the affected area then.  A thin layer is applied to cover the entire affected area of the skin.
  • The hands are washed immediately after applying cream. The treated area should not be bandaged or covered.
  • Complete healing of the treated area can take 1 to 2 months after stopping treatment. The dose of medication varies with the factors like body weight, and other medical conditions of the body.

Therapeutic uses of efudex cream:

The uses of the medication are as follows:

Efudex cream is used to treat multiple actinic or solar keratosis (skin growths caused by exposure to sunlight), actinic keratosis.

It is used in the treatment of noncanmcerous conditions in which cells are dividing rapidly (psoriasis, genital warts) and porokeratosis.

Drug interactions:

The various drug interactions that are shown by this medication are:

  • Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine from cigarettes or street drugs, can show interactions with efudex cream.

Contraindications of efudex:

The use of efudex cream is strictly contraindicated in the following cases:

  • If the person is allergic to any ingredient of efudex cream.
  • If the female is pregnant.
  • If a person is having any metabolic disorder dihydrpyrimidine dehydrogenase enzyme deficiency.

Precautions of efudex:

The precautionary measures to be taken into consideration while the usage of the medication is:

  • If the affected area of the skin which is to be treated is damaged or inflamed.
  • If person has allergies to the medicines, foods or other substances
  • If female is breastfeeding or planning to be pregnant
  • Keep the medication away from eyes, nose, mouth or genital area.

Side effects:

The possible side effect of drug includes:

  • Burning, crusting, redness, pain, soreness, inflammation or irritation of the skin.
  • Severe allergic reactions(rash,hives,itching, difficulty in breathing, tightness in chest, swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue), bloody diarrhea, change in skin color, chills, fever, scarring or sores on the treated area, persistent burning, crusting, redness, pain, soreness, inflammation or irritation of the skin, pain in stomach and vomiting.


Overdosing should not be done.In case if overdosing symptoms occurs, visit to the nearest hospital immediately.

Missed dose:

If a dose of efudex cream is missed, it should be taken as soon as get remember. If it has been the time of next dose, the missed does is skipped and the regular dosing schedule is followed.

Storage conditions:

Store the cream at 25oC. It should be stored away from heat, moisture and light. Keep away from out of reach of children and pets.