Plan B

Plan B

Levonorgestrel (LEE-voe-nor-jes-trel)

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Plan B an alternate name is "morning after pill". This medication is utilized as a crisis preventative. This pill is imperative to give security from unprotected intercourse. It is a conception prevention pill. It contains Levonorgestrel as a boss compound.

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Plan B medication has principle component is Levonorgestrel which is a ladies' hormone that stop the release of an egg from ovary. This medication produces adjustment in the cervical bodily fluid and the coating of uterine by which the sperms are not ready to meet to the uterus and egg are not treated. this medication is utilized when you have done unprotected intercourse or in the event that breakage of condom, then inside you devour plan B tablet and shield from pregnancy. This pharmaceutical is utilized as a crisis pregnancy.

 Benefits OF THE PLAN B:

Plan B is utilized for the unprotected intercourse and help in the contraception or pregnancy that is the reason it is a crisis prophylactic.


In a few conditions this pill is perilous for the patients, these conditions are specified underneath:

  • This medication is contraindicated for those ladies who are pregnant.
  • Avoid the utilization of this medication if a lady is oversensitive with any compound present in this medication.
  • This pill is likewise contraindicated for female who are under 17 years.
  •  This medication is not given to the breastfeeding mother that this prescription is passed from the milk and harmful for the infants.


A few medications adjust the activity of Plan B, when devour these given medications with the Plan B tablet:

  • Anti-infection agents: Rifampin, Rifabutin.
  • Anti-seizure drugs : Phenytoin, Topiramate, Felbamate
  • Barbiturates : Amobarbital, Butabarbital, Carbamazepine

Storage condition OF THE PLAN B:

Shield it from direct daylight, hotness and humidity. Keep this pharmaceutical in sealed container. Place this medication in a dry and clean place. Keep this medication at a room temperature.


Devour one tablet as quickly as time permits after unprotected intercourse, and afterward the other tablet ought to be expended following 12 hours of first tablet. The time is imperative of this tablet for the best result. After taking this medication then promptly meet with the specialist. In the wake of taking this medication you ought to get to the specialist together to three weeks for examination to realize that you are pregnant or not.

On account of SKIPPED DOSE:

In the event that you should omit the dose measurements then the shots of pregnancy is expanded, expend the missed measurement as quickly as time permits (inside 72 hours). Anyway at once don't devour two tablets together.


Accidently, if the patient devours more than one measurement at once then the patient experiencing such side effects like tipsiness, extreme spewing. In such case promptly advise to the specialist.

 Antagonistic EFFECTS OF THE PLAN B:

Some antagonistic impacts of this medication are said underneath:

  • Normal symptoms: Lump development in the bosom, Pain in midsection, facing issue in breathing, Pain in legs, awful pain in the head, Blurring of vision.
  • Genuine symptoms: Unusual draining reported in the vagina, frequent loss of hairs, Feeling of nausea, bloody heaving.


A few insurances ought to be taken before taking this medication, these are given underneath:

  • Do not devour this medication as a planned medication.
  • Avoid the utilization of this medication in the event that you devour other pharmaceutical as a conception